“Stay Alert, Stay Safe”

How many of you think of how safe you are on the internet? How many people in your life are reminding you of the dangers “lurking” on the internet? Internet safety is a pretty big topic these days, especially for teens who are accessing a variety of social media sites.

I’m a big fan of the internet. I think there are some pretty cool things you can do online. I think it’s a tool that makes our world more accessible. But think about that word. Accessible. Access. What is accessible online? Pictures? Information?

What to you share online and on social media? Your pictures? Your address? Your phone number? Do you have your location services turned on when you update your facebook status? Do you adjust your privacy settings?

Here’s a fun fact… if you have 500 friends on Facebook and your privacy settings let “friends of friends” view your page.. assuming each of those friends has 500 friends over 250,000 people can access your page!

When I was a kid staying safe was more geared towards “stranger danger” and being home alone. Anyone who grew up in the 90’s will remember Bert and Gert, the rabbit duo delivering public service announcemnts to kids about how to keep themselves safe. Check it out..

Their catchy jingles, futuristic hoverboards and satelite watches were pretty neat, I have to say.  But so corney! Your parents or older siblings might remember those commericals.. Ask them! Those commercials are long gone, and it makes me think about the ways we talk about safety these days in a complex wired world.

So since this is a public blog, I wanted to remind everyone to think about their online presence and how people have access to them online!



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2 thoughts on ““Stay Alert, Stay Safe”

  1. We all need to be aware of the dangers of the Internet. Nice to see a blog where young people can share their concerns and knowledge.


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