Evaluating your relationships

Whether you’re in a relationship, thinking about dating; have you ever taken the time to literally evaluate your relationship?


Here’s a tool to help you start to think about what’s really going on. Sometimes young people know something feels wrong, but can’t quite explain what it is. The following questions should help.


You can use this tool to think about all of the relationships and friendships you have! You could even use it twice for the same relationship to compare the relationships progress over time. Things change, right? Share your thoughts with a friend, a family member or someone you trust.


Let’s get evaluating   🙂


In thinking about a partner or a friend…


  • Can you name 5 characteristics of this person that you really admire or like?


  • Is this person glad that you have other friends?


  • Does this person ask for your opinion about things? Do you make decisions together?


  • Have you ever felt pressured to have sex, or engage in any sexual activity with this person?


  • Does this person have good relationships with his or her friends and family?


  • Does this person talk and listen?


  • Do you consider this person a friend?


  • Do you act like yourself when you are with this person?


  • Does this person have other interests besides you?


  • Does this person expect you to say where you have been when you have been apart?


  • Does this person constantly text, call or check up on you when you’re not with them?


  • Does this person lose his or her temper easily?


  • Does this person get angry if you do not always pay attention to him or her?


  • How does this person handle conflict?



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