“Send This Instead”

A few weeks ago on my way to work – I was listening to Ontario Morning on the CBC as I usually do. I heard Scott Naylor from the Ontario Provincial Police’s Child Sexual Exploitation unit talking about the app “Send This Instead” which was developed by the OPP to help deter young people from sending nude pictures to each other; because ultimately in  a lot of cases these pictures are shared with other people without the senders consent.


He said “the idea is that young people who are feeling pressured into sending nude photo’s can defuse the situation with a touch of humour”.

I was intrigued. So I downloaded the app. This is what I found

Send This Instead 1

This is the main page of the app. You can click on “The Gallery” which includes a selection of what they call “postcards”. You can click on any postcard and have the option to open in it a text, and of course send it!

Here are a few that I found funny..

Send This Instead 5Send This Instead 4Send This Instead 3Send This Instead 2

You’ll notice on the main page of the app there are some other options..

In the “Respond” section you can actually submit your own postcard ideas and pictures! Kind of cool..

In the “Life Bytes” section there is a bit of a Q&A around consent which might be helpful.

In the “NeedHelpNow.ca” section it links you to the Need Help Now website which has a tonne of extra resources and supports geared towards youth. Check it out.

SO. Overall – easy to use app. I think it’s a good tool for anyone who feels pressured and not sure how to respond to requests for nude pictures. I know this happens all the time.

Of course the bigger question is how do we teach teens not to sexually exploit each other using technology and the underlying reasons around peer to peer sexual harassment. But as a prevention tool, I’m all for Send This Instead!!

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